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One Size Protective Helmet

  • Electriclly insulated according to module C2 in EN 397. 440 V AC.
  • Steering wheel adjustment for smotth size adjustment, fits XS-XXL (53-63cm).
  • Quick mounts for accessories


Cresto Crown Electro is an electrically insulated safety helmet used for electrical installations and other tasks that place high demands on the safety of the electrician. As the helmet has no ventilation holes and no conductive parts, it provides protection agaisnt electrical shock and prevents relectrical current from passing through your head. Cornw Electro is approved for electrical work in low voltage environments up to 1000 V (AC) and 1500 V (DC).

Cresto Crown Electro Helmet

VAT Included
  • Minimum working temperature: -30.0°C

    Maximum working temperature: 50.0°C

    Material: Polypropylene

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