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Confined Space & Working at Height Rescue

INFRATEC Training provide a variety of confined space rescue services that meet your industry requirements.

Our highly experienced rescue technicians have a wealth of knowledge with decades of experience managing risk in high hazard industries including energy from waste, oil and gas, petrochemical, nuclear and other sectors. 

As industry specialists, our consultants can offer you bespoke solutions that ensure you maintain compliance with the confined space regulations 1997 and you can conduct essential services at your site. 

INFRATEC Training can provide an independent and professional service that will meet the requirements set by the work at height regulations 2005. The regulations set out the provision of arrangements for an emergency plan and rescue, along with the capabilities you must be able to demonstrable before any work at height work commences. 

If you are about to undertake some work but unable to provide and reenact a rescue plan, then you will need to be supported by a specialist work at height rescue team. Our flexible, experienced teams cover nationwide and provide efficient and effective solutions that provide you with a cost effective way to overcome any issues on any type of building or structure whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety. 


Our specialist rescue services have vast experience and expertise that allow us to provide our customers with the best in rope access and working at height solutions, our ability to provide bespoke solution by using a variety methods will help you overcome the most difficult access problems. 


We can provide:


  • Review of current Working at Height procedures and practices

  • Rescue plan creation and demonstration

  • Working at height rescue teams, in the event of an incident including complicated high-risk rescues 

Rescue Plans

Want to know more?

Our specialist rescue consultants offer independent risk assessment and auditing services designed to identify and mitigate site specific risks. 

Our highly experienced team have been tested in the most hazardous environments who pride themselves on providing and implementing emergency response solutions that ensure compliance with the regulations and legislation in place.

INFRATEC Training will help you develop your rescue plans that ensures you have a safe system of work when carrying out these essential works 

Rescue Team

The composition of our rescue teams are primarily made up from rescue responders from emergency services backgrounds. 

Our highly skilled workforce have a wealth of rescue knowledge ranging from mines and extraction backgrounds to paramedics and first responders. 

All of our rescue technicians are fully trained and use only the best search and rescue equipment available. 

We provide rescue team cover nationwide and can have a rescue team at your site within 24 hours. 

Standby Person / Top Man

INFRATEC Training have a large pool of qualified and experienced personnel that can provide additional services at your site. 

Our staff are serving ex-fire service, ambulance or military personnel who are fully qualified and have been tested in the most demanding environments. 

The advantages for using INFRATEC to provide these services is the additional resilience it creates to your emergency response provisions, more specifically, our rescue team. Our skilled staff can provide additional rescue team members for emergencies on site during your busies periods. 

Rescue Team Supervisor

Our Rescue Team Supervisors provide leadership for our rescue teams but can also supplement your own resources by working alongside your own personnel that provide your rescue provisions. 

As industry leading specialists, our supervisors are highly skilled in emergency response procedures and casualty extraction. We offer regular training and demonstrations to ensure your teams are familiar with the equipment and techniques required. 

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