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Meet the Team
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Lee Bullock

Training Co-ordinator

Lee Bullock embarked on his professional journey at TTE, where he completed an apprenticeship with Corus Steel (now known as Tata Steel Europe) in 2007. His early career was rooted in the steel industry, where he dedicated eight years, demonstrating a strong commitment to his field. Lee's tenure in steel ended in 2015 when he, along with over 2,000 colleagues at SSI Steel, faced redundancy—a consequence affecting not only direct employees but also over 4,000 individuals within the associated supply chain.

An advocate for workplace safety, Lee has consistently prioritised and enforced the highest safety standards throughout his career. His passion for safety management is evident in, ensuring that best practices are not only followed but optimised.

In the transitional phase of his career post-2015, Lee pivoted towards technology and innovation by integrating drones within various industrial applications. This role allowed him to harness new technologies to enhance operational efficiencies and safety protocols in industrial settings.

Since 2022, Lee has taken up the mantle as a Training Coordinator at INFRATEC Training. In this capacity, he is instrumental in steering the company towards excellence in safety training. Lee is involved in running the business operations and ensures that all training delivered aligns with the highest standards, complying with prestigious certifications from City & Guilds, IIRSM, Qualsafe, and IOSH.

Lee Bullock’s career trajectory from the steel industry to an expert in safety training and technology integration demonstrates his adaptability and unwavering commitment to enhancing industry standards and employee safety.


Sean Allison

Training Instructor 

Sean has served six years in HM Forces working as a Detachment Commander in a heavy weapons team. Over his military career he conducted operational deployments in Northern Island, the Falklands Islands and Iraq. He completed 43 parachute jumps whilst serving with the Parachute Regiment. He specialised in Battalion level signals and operated as a Team Medic. On completion of his military career he trained as a close protection officer. After gaining experience in the security industry he stated working as  a Firefighter for Cleveland Fire Brigade in a whole time role. With over 12 years service he is currently a Crew Manager at Stockton Fire Station. 

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Ian Brown

Lead Instructor 

Ian served six years with HM Forces specialising in air and ground defence of NATO assets. He served in the UK, Falkland Islands, the USA, Germany and other European countries before joining the Fire Service. With over 26 years experience, he has worked in Fire and Rescue operations holding a wide range of qualifications. He specialised in Rope Rescue including Bariatric Extrication and Confined Space Rescue.

In addition, he has attended the Fire Service College gaining experience in personnel management and chemical incident management. Recent experience in the private sector and with Cleveland Police has extended Ian’s range of risk management skills.

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Nathan Taylor

Training Instructor 

Nathan has served 14 years with Cleveland Fire Brigade.. He holds a Specialist Rescue Diploma in Rope Rescue and is the current Rope Rescue Instructor for Cleveland Fire Brigade.

As well as Fire Service Operations, Nathan holds Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Education and Training, Assessing and First Aid Qualifications and is currently studying towards his NEBOSH Diploma as part of his CPD.


Mark Taylor

Training Instructor 

Mark joined INFRATEC Training in 2018 after serving 30 years with the fire and rescue service. The majority of this service being as an operational firefighter. He has been an outdoor instructor/supervisor for 30 years at various climbing centres and specialises in confined space and work at height rescue, consulting for many industries throughout his career.


Kevin Hart

Training Instructor

Kevin has served 30 years with the fire and rescue service. The majority of this service being as an operational watch manager. He has been an instructor for 3years at Durham and Darlington fire and rescue service training centre, specialising in victim entrapment rescue, road traffic collision rescue, trauma care, bariatric rescue, breathing apparatus wearing and confined space rescue.

He has gained international experience from attending rescue courses at the International Centre for Emergency Techniques located at Tilburg in Holland.

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