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1 Day Course

10 People Max

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This Breathing Apparatus Training is designed for employees who may be required to use Breathing Apparatus Equipment, you will learn to wear Breathing Apparatus and be taught correct, safe operating procedures. The course focuses on a high emphasis of safety and emergency procedures. It will be taught based upon your specific breathing apparatus requirements. Using equipment such as,

  • Airline Breathing Apparatus
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

The Breathing Apparatus (Initial SCBA) course will teach you to identify safe working periods incorporating the use of BA boards and simple calculations. Delegates will learn all legislation, carry out pre-wearer checks, donning, doffing, cleaning and storage of breathing apparatus. Including knowledge and practical wearing experience in a safe and controlled environment to operate safely in the workplace.

Breathing Apparatus - Initial

VAT Included
  • Operatives and supervisors alike who will are required to work in environments where the hazards dictate that Breathing Apparatus must be worn.

    It is aimed at anyone working in irrespirable environments where the use of working compressed air breathing apparatus is required for either short durations for specific tasks or prolonged working. Including working with chemicals, gases, viral risks, dusts and particles

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