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Two Person Tripod. 3 Overhead Pulleys, 3 Underslung Eyes. Telecopic Legs


Leg Span 110cm - 170cm. Height 140cm - 240cm


The tripod is the basis of a confined space entry and rescue system giving a strong, stable and portable anchorage point for fall arrest and recovery systems. One worker can carry and erect the sturdy but lightweight aluminium alloy tripod.


For stability, the tripod legs may be individually adjusted.


The T3 has 6 anchor points tested to EN795. The 3 overhead pulleys hold up to 11mm rope. The extra anchor points may be used with pulleys for a double roped rescuer, back-up system, airlines, communication lines, medical kits, tools etc

Two Person Tripod

VAT Included
  • Certified to EN 795 Type B

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