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Two Person Rescue Tripod. 3 Overhead Pulleys, 3 Underslung Swivel Eyes. Detachable Telescopic Legs


Leg Span 130cm - 200cm. Height 200cm - 260cm


The RT3 has 6 anchor points tested to EN795. The 3 overhead pulleys hold up to 11mm rope. The extra swivel anchor points may be used with pulleys for a double roped rescuer, back-up system, airlines, communication lines, medical kits, tools etc.


For stability, the tripod legs may be individually adjusted.


Lanyards may be attached to the feet and pinned to the floor: anchor lines may be attached to the eye bolts on the tripod head.


The height of the tripod enables a caualty on a stretcher raised vertically to be lifted clear of the entrance.


The RT3 has detachable legs for portability and storage.

Two Person Rescue Tripod

VAT Included
  • Certified to EN 795 Type B

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