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0.5 Day Course

12 People Max

Location: Middlesbrough

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INFRATEC Training's comprehensive program offers specialised training in Emergency Evacuation (EVAC) and Manual Handling techniques, designed to ensure workplace safety and compliance with health regulations. Our EVAC training equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively respond to emergencies, emphasising swift and safe evacuation procedures, emergency response strategies, and communication skills during critical situations. The Manual Handling training segment focuses on teaching the correct techniques for lifting, carrying, and moving items safely in the workplace to prevent injuries and promote a culture of safety. This dual-focused training is ideal for employees across various industries, providing them with practical skills and confidence to handle emergency situations and everyday tasks safely. The sessions are led by certified trainers with extensive experience, ensuring that all participants receive hands-on guidance and real-world applications of the practices taught.

EVAC+CHAIR 300H Training

VAT Included
  • EVAC Chair training is specifically designed for individuals who are responsible for the safe evacuation of mobility-impaired persons during an emergency in buildings, such as fires or other hazardous situations. The following groups are ideal candidates for this training:

    Facility Managers: Those who oversee the safety and maintenance of facilities should understand how to use EVAC Chairs effectively to ensure all building occupants can be evacuated safely.

    Safety Officers: Individuals in charge of implementing and monitoring safety protocols within organisations would benefit from this training to enhance their emergency preparedness skills.

    Healthcare Professionals: Staff in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities need to know how to operate EVAC Chairs to assist patients who cannot evacuate on their own during emergencies.

    Security Personnel: Security teams are often first responders in emergency situations and should be trained in using EVAC Chairs to assist in evacuations.

    HR Managers and Staff Development Trainers: Those responsible for staff training and development should be trained so they can organise internal training sessions and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

    Education Sector Staff: Teachers, administrators, and support staff in schools and universities should know how to use EVAC Chairs, especially in facilities where individuals with limited mobility are present.

    Public Building Staff and Event Organizers: Staff responsible for public buildings (e.g., museums, theaters) or those organising events where large numbers of people gather, should be trained to manage evacuations involving individuals who need assistance.

    EVAC Chair training equips these individuals with the skills to safely and efficiently use the chair, which is crucial for ensuring the well-being of all building occupants during emergencies.

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